The Case of the Velvet Claws (Perry Mason #1), The Case of the Sulky Girl (Perry Mason #2), The Case of the Lucky Legs (Perry Mason #3), The Case of the. Where I can download Perry Mason books? 3, Views · Can anyone give a PDF of the Perry Mason books? . Where can I download PDFs of novels for free ?. T Th he eC Ca as se eo of ft th he eC Cu ur riio ou us sB Br riid de e Erle Stanley Gardner. 1. The woman was nervous. Her eyes held the eyes of the.

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Erle Stanley Gardner - Perry Mason - Complete List - Download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Updated: Added collection of A. A. Fair's Lam and Cool's novels. Added Perry Mason ebooks, pdf and epub format. It can be read in. Perry download Perry Mason: Seven Complete Mysteries by Erle Stanley Gardner ( ISBN: I have read many of his Perry Mason novels and also a few other of his works.

I want to get a line on that woman.

The printer had a small stall between skyscrapers, adjacent to another stall which dispensed orange drinks. An oblong glass frame contained samples of the various types of printing. A placard announced that cards and stationery were printed while the customer waited.

Perry Mason stared speculatively at the glass oblong, his manner that of one who is debating whether to download or not to download. The man behind the short counter leaned forward.

It will fool even an expert. The man's ink-smeared forefinger indicated a schedule of samples and prices. Mason took a bill from his pocket, indicated one of the cards. Montaine, one twenty-eight East Pelton Avenue. He crossed to a drug store, telephoned his office, learned that Della had received no message as yet from Rhoda Montaine.

He sat at the counter, sipped a chocolate malted milk meditatively, and let minutes slip by unnoticed. At length he crossed the street to the printer, and received the stack of freshly printed cards. He returned to the drug store called his office again. The address was Chicago, Illinois; but there's a water and gas connection for a Carl W. Montaine at twentythree hundred nine Hawthorne Avenue.

It was made within the last week. The license said she was a widow - Rhoda Lorton. Drake wants to know how strong you want him to go on expenses. I've apparently accepted a retainer to represent a client.

I'm going to represent her. After all, it wasn't your fault. You didn't know about the retainer. Anyhow, I'm going to see this thing through. Drake's got about all the official information he can get for tonight. He expects to hear before five.

If this girl calls in, be sure to hold her. Tell her we know her real name and address. That will bring her in. The number that Rhoda Montaine left for us to call when she was in the office is Drenton six-eight-nine-four-two. She just took the last two numbers off of Nell Brinley's telephone number and put them on the front part of the number. That must mean that she's pretty familiar with that telephone number, because she rattled it off when I asked her. She must have lived at that address and used that telephone before she was married.

Approaching the counter, Perry Mason pulled a telegraph blank toward him, took a pencil from his pocket, spread the purloined telegram flat on the counter and frowned. He looked up and caught the eye of an attendant. She came to him, and Mason pulled one of the freshly printed cards from his pocket.

Montaine, what can we do for you? I understand your company requires the senders to leave their addresses on file in connection with any wire sent.

There's some key number on this telegram. I am wondering if you can find the address of the sender by taking this key number and running down your records?

Montaine," and waited for the clerk to return. She returned within less than five minutes with the name and address of the sender written on the message in a pencil notation.

Mason studied the notation for a moment, nodded, and wrote the name "Moxley" after the word "Gregory," added below it "Colemont Apartments, Norwalk Avenue. He leaned back in the cushions, lit a cigarette and watched the passing scenery with thoughtslitted eyes.

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By the time the cigarette was consumed, the cab pulled in at the curb. The Colemont Apartments was a huge two-story building that had at one time been a residence. As the small numbered blocks of Norwalk Avenue had become choice apartment sites, the owners had remodeled the huge residence into four apartments. Perry Mason noticed that three of the apartments, apparently, were vacant. The influx of more modern apartment houses on either side had spelled disaster for the made-over private residence.

In a short time it would be torn down to make way, in turn, for a larger apartment. Mason pressed the button on Apartment B, opposite the pasteboard slip on which appeared the words "Gregory Moxley. A long flight of stairs loomed ahead of him. He climbed the stairs, heard the sound of motion in the corridor and then nodded to a man whose figure loomed at the head of the stairs.

The man was some thirty-six years of age, with quick, watchful eyes, a ready smile, and a genial manner. Despite the heat of the day, his clothes were flawless and he wore them with distinction. He emanated an atmosphere of physical well-being and prosperity.

I was expecting a visitor who had an appointment with me. For a swift instant the man stiffened as though bracing himself for a blow. Then the booming geniality was once more apparent in his voice. Come on up, come in and sit down. What's your name?

Come on in. Certainly is hot, isn't it? The room was comfortably furnished, although the furniture was rather old-fashioned. The windows were open. Across fifteen feet of space loomed the side of a modern apartment house. Mason sat down, crossed his legs, reached mechanically for his cigarette case. Moxley gave it a frowning glance of annoyance.

On days like this it makes an oven out of my apartment. It was the grin of one who has learned to take the world philosophically, accepting the bitter as well as the sweet. Personally, I don't like it.

I like small apartment houses. I don't like these big places where there's a manager constantly snooping around, and an air of impersonal efficiency. Moxley's laugh was quick and contagious. Mason joined in his laugh.

I didn't suppose you had Moxley frowned, looked at Perry Mason. Moxley seemed undecided. The smile faded from his face. The look of genial urbanity vanished. His eyes hardened into speculative appraisal.

The lines of his face were grim. He got up from his chair without a word of excuse, walked on noiseless feet to the doorway, and stood where he could see both the corridor and Perry Mason. The bell rang again. Moxley pressed a button, and stood waiting while an electric buzzer released the door catch.

Perry Mason 7 The Case of the Counterfeit Eye

There were steps on the stairs, a rustle of paper, then steps going down the stairs and the slamming of the front door.

Moxley walked back to the room, tearing the envelope open. He unfolded the message, read it, then looked suspiciously at Perry Mason.

His eyes were hard and watchful. Rhoda didn't retain me. Rhoda didn't know that I was coming. Moxley's laugh was sneering. The ready friendliness of his manner had evaporated into a cold, watchful hostility.

Something happened which caused me to interest myself in Rhoda. It doesn't make any difference what it was. Unfortunately, I can't get in touch with Rhoda. I knew you were in touch with her. Therefore, I decided to get in touch with you.

I want you to tell me where I can find Rhoda. His right hand had left the knob of the drawer, but seemed to be held in poised readiness. The first name of the former husband was Gregory. If, for instance, the man she married hadn't really died, but had only disappeared for the statutory period of seven years. That makes a presumption of death. It's only a presumption. If the man showed up, alive and well, he'd still be her husband. Moxley wet his lips with the tip of his tongue, hesitated for several seconds, then walked warily around Mason to the telephone.

He picked up the receiver with his left hand, clamped the last two fingers of the hand against the rubber mouthpiece, raised the receiver to his ear, the telephone to his lips. The receiver made rasping, metallic noises. I tell you, not now You should know who the visitor is I say you should. I'm not mentioning any names, but you can draw your own conclusions He's a lawyer.

His name is Mason. Moxley's face twisted with rage. He doubled his right hand into a fist, shouted, "Get back! Moxley grabbed the telephone in his right hand, the receiver in his left, started to hang up.

His face twisted into a snarl of hatred. Moxley came to the head of the stairs, stood staring with silent hostility at the broad shoulders of the departing attorney. Mason slammed the front door shut, stepped into his cab, drove three blocks to a drug store and telephoned Della Street.

The attending physician was Dr. Claude Millsap. He signed the death certificate. Millsap live? Drake wants to know how much work you want him to do. In fact, it would be very inadvisable, because Moxley has got a brittle disposition and I don't know just what his tie-up in the case is. Perry Mason left the telephone and approached the drug counter. The clerk studied him for a moment. It induces sleep, not a drugged sleep, but a restful slumber. In proper doses there's no after effect. I told you, it induces a natural, restful and deep slumber.

Can I? He emerged from the drug store whistling light-heartedly. The cab driver jumped to the sidewalk, opened the door of the cab. Perry Mason frowned speculatively, as though weighing two possible plans of campaign in his mind.

Three blocks down the street a car swung into Norwalk Avenue, the body swaying far over on the springs with the momentum of the turn. Mason's eyes focused on it, and the eyes of the cab driver followed those of Mason.

Abruptly, Mason stepped from the curb, held up his hand. The Chevrolet swerved toward the curb. Tires protested as brakes were applied.

Rhoda Montaine's flushed face stared at Perry Mason. The car jerked to a dead stop. The lawyer's first words were as casual as though he had been expecting her. I started back after it, and then decided to let it go.

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I figured you'd open it and ask a lot of questions. I didn't want to answer them. What were you doing at Gregory's? Mason jerked open the door of the car, climbed in beside Rhoda Montaine and grinned at her. When I found out about it, I did what I could to help you. As soon as I knew you were there, I started to drive out as quickly as I could.

You've spilled the beans now. I telephoned him, to tell him that he'd have to wait until later. Why won't you tell me now? I've been trying to get in touch with you all day. It's seven years in some cases, five in others. Montaine," he said, "but that's only a presumption. If Gregory Moxley is really Gregory Lorton, your first husband, and he showed up alive and well, your marriage to Carl Montaine is voidable. Slow tears welled up in them. Her lips quivered. Perry Mason's hand dropped to her shoulder, patted it reassuringly.

It was the impersonal gesture of the protective male. No man would understand. I can't even understand, myself. I nursed him when he was sick. He had a drug habit and his folks would have died if they'd known. I'm a trained nurse, you know - that is, I was. It happened when I was just a kid - young, innocent and impressionable. The Case of the Lonely Heiress — Mason is hired to find the identity of an "heiress" who ran ads in a lonely hearts magazine.

Later, he defends the heiress against a murder charge. The Case of the Vagabond Virgin — A man picks up an innocent young hitchhiker and gets into even more trouble when his partner is found murdered.

The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom — First Mason gets his face slapped by a beautiful burglar in his office building, then a Tijuana wedding trip leads to a murder. The Case of the Cautious Coquette — At the behest of Mason, who is representing a young man hit by a car, Paul Drake places an ad in the paper asking for witnesses to the hit and run. To Mason's astonishment, two different drivers are identified, one by a mysterious letter enclosing a key.

The Case of the Negligent Nymph — A young woman swims to Mason's canoe to escape a vicious watchdog, then is accused of jewel theft and murder. But it is the dog who provides the key to the murder. The Case of the One-Eyed Witness — When a mysterious woman hires Mason over the telephone, he must defend her in a case that involves an adoption racket and her husband's murder.

A woman in an eyepatch is a key witness. The Case of the Angry Mourner — A playboy is murdered in his lakeside cabin and a mother and daughter, who had both been there, start to suspect each other so call on Perry Mason for help.

The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink — A waitress in a favorite restaurant of Mason's runs out in the middle of the lunch rush, leaving behind her moth-eaten mink, and is hit by a car. Later, a message in lipstick helps Mason disprove the murder case against her framed boss.

The Case of the Grinning Gorilla — Mason downloads the diary of a drowned woman at an auction, and after a murder he finds himself confronted by a hypnotized gorilla. The Case of the Hesitant Hostess — A hostess at a nightclub seems determined to convince a jury that Mason's client committed armed robbery, so he goes over her story in painstaking detail on the stand.

The Case of the Green-Eyed Sister — Mason, hired to protect a family from illegitimate blackmail, ends up defending a woman who the police claim murdered the blackmailer. Mason's fiddling with tape recorders is excellent, and the dialogues in and out of court show what can be done with backchat to create drama. The Case of the Runaway Corpse — Mason defends a woman accused of poisoning her husband—even though witnesses saw the corpse climb out the motel window.

The Case of the Restless Redhead — Mason helps a young defense attorney get an innocent verdict from a woman accused of theft. Later, he defends her in a murder case with a large number of twists. This novel was the basis for the script for the first episode of the television series. The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary — Mason defends the daughter of a man convicted of armed robbery who first loses her trailer, all her clothes and her diary.

The Case of the Glamorous Ghost — A scantily-clad woman claims she has amnesia, and cannot remember anything about the jewel smuggling or the murder. The Case of the Nervous Accomplice — Mason is hired by a woman whose husband is having an affair to wreck it, then defends her on a murder charge.

The Case of the Terrified Typist — After a temporary typist who enjoys trick photography has left Mason's office in a tearing hurry, he and Della find some diamonds stuck in chewing gum on the bottom of her desk. Her involvement in a murder trial features an ending unique in the Mason series.

The Case of the Gilded Lily — Mason defends a man thought to have killed his blackmailer. The Case of the Demure Defendant — A woman confesses to murder during a therapy session, and her doctor consults Mason as to the legal ramifications.

Later Mason defends the woman in court. The Case of the Screaming Woman — Mason defends a woman accused of murdering a doctor running an illegal adoption agency. The Case of the Lucky Loser — Mason defends a man previously convicted of killing a man with an automobile while intoxicated.

When the body is found to have been killed with a gun, Mason argues double jeopardy as a plea, but eventually clears his client of all crimes. The Case of the Daring Decoy — Mason defends a man embroiled in a stock battle who is accused of killing a business rival's secretary.

Was the woman in a nightgown with a mudpack on her face trying to keep the gun herself, or palm it off? The Case of the Long-Legged Models — Mason defends a woman accused of murdering the man who murdered her father, and does so by juggling identical guns until no one knows what is what and involving the car dealer and his newlywed son.

The Case of the Calendar Girl — Mason masterfully defends a man accused of murdering a corrupt politician by shoving the blame onto a model. When the model is accused of murder using the evidence Mason uncovered, Perry defends her. The Case of the Singing Skirt — Mason's client is framed for theft and fired because of her refusal to assist in cheating a casino patron.

Then she is accused of murder, and the gun juggling begins.

The Case of the Mythical Monkeys — Gladys Doyle, secretary of underworld moll turned bestselling novelist Mauvis Meade, keeps an appointment in her employer's stead at mountaintop Summit Inn, but gets stuck in the mud on her way back and spends the night with a man who vanishes. A crucial clue is a scarf printed with the three mythical monkeys whose poses say, "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Erle Stanley Gardner is one of my favorite mysterywriters. He is so clever w This is a Perry Mason novel.

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner. Not a P. Well, sorta. Precious Moments: Weather Fairies 7: Hayley the Rain Fairy: The Archaeology of Early Indian Civilization. Supermodel YOU: Jews and the New Culture, Jewish Museum, Nov. Quick Upload. Featured Examples.

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Creation Tutorial. Video Tutorial. Quick Upload Explore. Case Studies. Like this book? You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! View in Fullscreen Report. Read the Text Version.A woman in an eyepatch is a key witness.

She hired Mason to prove the claims were false, Drowning Duck The part in between isn't there. His right hand had left the knob of the drawer, but seemed to be held in poised readiness. Adult Coloring Journal: You can now download.