F. 5 Patol Babu, Film Star. 1. With your partner answer the following questions: What are your strengths? What is your dream career? I want to become a. Patol Babu was a middle aged man of about fifty years with a film producer, was looking around for an actor for a scene in a film, with looks. BDeBooks offer everybody to download Patol Babu Film Star books for download free and read this book online anytime. Patol Babu Film Star by Satyajit Ray is another short story of Satyajit Ray. Thanks for reading Patol Babu Film Star by Satyajit Ray book’s review.

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Naresh Dutt duly arrived and told him to repot at Faraday House, next morning. On enquiry, Naresh Dutt told Patol Babu that it was a speaking role and he had to play an absent-minded pedestrian. Patol Babu was extremely happy and confided in his wife and told her that he was aware that it was not a big role and he also knew that one rose from small roles only and it might prove to be a beginning of a great career.

His wife expressed her reservations but Patol Babu was in no mood to listen. Next morning, Patol Babu reported on time at Faraday House. He saw big crowd with cameras and other instruments being shifted here and there.

He was instructed by Naresh Dutt to wait for his turn. Patol Babu was nervous as he had no idea of what his dialogues would be and he did not want to make a spectacle of himself in front of the lead actors.

In the meantime, shooting of the film started and one scene was shot. Patol Babu could not wait any longer. He went to Naresh Dutt and asked for his dialogues. He was then instructed to go and wait on one side. Patol Babu felt humiliated and let down. Answer Mr. Pakrashi was Patol Babu's mentor. He was a wonderful actor, without a tract of vanity in him. He said, "Remember one thing, Patol; however small a part you're offered, never consider it beneath your dignity to accept it.

From these words, Patol Babu drew spirit, energy, inspiration and dignity to enact such a small role. He no more felt his role in the movie to be condescending. Answer Patol Babu was indeed a meticulous man. When he got his dialogue, monosyllabic exclamation 'Oh!

He was a true actor. He enunciated the syllable in various ways. Along with, he worked out how he would react physically when the collision take place, how his features would be twisted in pain, how he would express pain and surprise. When his turn came, he even suggested for a rehearsal. He calculated his steps and timed it excellently well.

All these things shows his hard-work and pain taking attitude. Mullick turn down Patol Babu's request for a rehearsal? First of all, he himself rehearsed his own bit.

He worked out his steps, his reactions and his face expressions. When the shot was ready, he suggested to Barren Mullick if he had a newspaper open in his hand then it would be more natural and realistic. In this way, he timed it very well. By the way, the shooting takes place tomorrow morning. I'll tell you where you have to go.

It's a seven-storey office building. The shooting takes place outside the office in front of the entrance. We'll expect you there at eight-thirty sharp. You'll be through by midday. The part is that of a -- pedestrian. An absent-minded, short-tempered pedestrian.

Patol Babu Film Star By Satyajit Ray

By the way, do you have a jacket which buttons up to the neck? You mean the old-fashioned kind? That's what you'll wear. What colour is it?

But woollen. The story is supposed to take place in winter, so that would be just right. Tomorrow at 8. Faraday House. It's a speaking part. You have acted before, haven't you?

I wouldn't have come to you for just a walk-on part. For that we pick people from the street. Of course there's dialogue and you'll be given your lines as soon as you show up tomorrow. I'll be paid, of course, but that's not the main thing. The thing is--remember how I started on the stage?

Remember my first part? I played a dead soldier! All I had to do was lie still on the stage with my arms and legs spread. And remember where I went from there? Remember Mr Watts shaking me by the hand?

And the silver medal which the chairman of our municipality gave me? This is only the first step on the ladder, my dear! Yes--the first step that would--God willing--mark the rise to fame and fortune of your beloved husband! Do you remember how Sisir Bhaduri used to leap about on the stage at the age of seventy? I feel as if I've been born again!

No wonder you could never make a go of it. Go and make me a cup of tea, will you? And remind me to take some ginger juice tonight. It's very good for the throat. It took him another ten minutes to walk to Faraday House.

There was a big crowd outside the building. Three or four cars stood on the road. There was also a bus loaded with equipment on its roof.

On the edge of the pavement there was an instrument on three legs around which a bunch of people were walking about looking busy. Near the entrance stood--also on three legs--a pole which had a long arm extending from its top with what looked like a small oblong beehive suspended at the end.

Surrounding these instruments was a crowd of people among which Patol Babu noticed some non-Bengalis. What they were supposed to do he couldn't tell.

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But where was Naresh Dutt? He was the only one who knew him. With a slight tremor in his heart, Patol Babu advanced towards the entrance. It was the middle of summer, and the warm jacket buttoned up to his neck felt heavy.

Class 10 English Literature Chapter 5 Patol Babu Film Star

Patol Babu could feel beads of perspiration forming around the high collar. Patol Babu spotted Naresh Dutt standing at the entrance and gesturing towards him. He had got his name wrong. No wonder, since they had only had a brief meeting. Patol Babu walked up, put his palms together in a namaskar and said, 'I suppose you haven't yet noted down my name. Sitalakanto Ray-although people know me better by my nickname Patol.

I used it on the stage too. I must say you're quite punctual. Well, I suggest you go and wait in the shade there. We have a few things to attend to before we get going. He is--er--in that shot where they bump into each other. Now, clear the entrance, will you?

We're about to start. He had never watched a film shooting before. How hard these people worked! A youngster of twenty or so was carrying that three-legged instrument on his shoulder. Must weigh at least sixty pounds.

But what about his dialogue? There wasn't much time left, and he still didn't know what he was supposed to do or say.

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Patol Babu suddenly felt a little nervous. Should he ask somebody? There was Naresh Dutt there; should he go and remind him? It didn't matter if the part was small, but, if he had to make the most of it, he had to learn his lines beforehand.

How small he would feel if he muffed in the presence of so many people! The last time he acted on stage was twenty years ago. Patol Babu was about to step forward when he was pulled up short by a voice shouting 'Silence!

Everybody please stop talking. Don't move from your positions and don't crowd round the camera, please! He was a stout man of medium height, and he stood by the camera. Around his neck hung something which looked like a small telescope. Was he the director? How strange! He hadn't even bothered to find out the name of the director! Now a series of shouts followed in quick succession--'Start sound! Then a young man in a grey suit and pink make-up shot out of the back of the car, took a few hurried steps towards the entrance and stopped abruptly.

The next moment Patol Babu heard the shout 'Cut! A man standing next to Patol Babu now turned to him. Playing the lead in four films at the moment. It was probably the same boy Koti Babu was praising the other day. Nice make-up the fellow had on. If he had been wearing a Bengali dhoti and kurta instead of a suit, and given a peacock to ride on, he would make a perfect Kartik, the god considered to be the epitome of good looks.

Monotosh of Kanchrapara -- who was better known by his nickname Chinu -- had the same kind of looks.On enquiry, Naresh Dutt told Patol Babu that it was a speaking role and he had to play an absent-minded pedestrian. Why had he felt so disheartened?

Fiction-Patol Babu Film Star class 10 Notes English Communicative

Patol-babu went up to the flight of steps on the other side of the paan-shop and sat on them. Write the letter in about words. Had the director Baren Mullick understood? However, a brief idea on the solutions has been provided for your reference. It was seven minutes past eight on the clock on the Metropolitan Building when Patol-babu reached Esplanade the next morning.