See all books authored by Yvonne Ridley, including Torture - Does It Work? Interrogation Issues and Effectiveness in the Global War on Terror, and In the Hand. IN THE HANDS OF THE TALIBAN: tingrakecoupde.tk: Yvonne Ridley: Books. Yvonne Ridley's terrifying 10 day detainment by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

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The full story of journalist Yvonne Ridley's day detainment in Afghanistan by the Taliban Published June 15th by Robson Books (first published ). shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Ridley, Yvonne. In the Hands of the Taliban and millions of other books are available for site site. Learn more. In the Hands of the Taliban - site edition by Yvonne Ridley. Download it once Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best.

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Against The Odds Yvonne Ridley says she was 'simply doing her job' when she was seized by the Taliban near the city of Jalalabad. Yvonne's time in the hands of the Taliban changed her life forever As Yvonne explains, "A camera which I had hidden in the folds of my burka slipped out right into the full view of a passing Taliban soldier.

Her cell was very basic and the experience was terrifying. Yvonne lay on her bed inside a dirty, claustrophobic prison cell with no running water. The Qur'an consists of surahs or chapters varying in length from 3 to verses. To properly understand the teachings of Allah, Muslims say that one should refer to the Arabic text of the Qur'an The Qur'an is the most widely read book in the world.

All Muslims memorise parts of it to recite in their prayers. Some Muslims memorise the entire Qur'an. Although Yvonne was never physically hurt in any way, the experience was mentally exhausting.

Yvonne recorded her thoughts when she was in her cell. Share via Email September 11 wasn't like a normal Tuesday; instead of taking my usual long lunch at the Ivy, I happened to be going through my expenses at my desk so I actually watched the second plane hit the WTC live on TV. My first thoughts were, "Wow, the world's never going to be the same again," swiftly followed by, "This is a fantastic story, I must fly to New York immediately.

I flew to Islamabad on the Friday as things were hotting up in Pakistan and the news desk felt my vast experience of the Middle East would be invaluable.

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Islamabad turned out to be a real nightmare. You couldn't get a drink, the food was crap and even the cigarettes were second rate.

As I lay in my hotel room, I did vaguely wonder whether I should have told my eight-year-old daughter, Daisy, where I was, but then I remembered that we had such a trusting relationship there was no need. I filed a couple of stories and texted my new boyfriend asking whether he had read them.

He replied that he hadn't. How hard was that!

Several days later, I was moved to Kabul where I was able to keep up the spirits of those poor aid workers who were also being held captive. When the first bombs went off, I assured them we were in no danger as the US could pinpoint their targets to the nearest tree.

To my surprise, I was released the following day. It was so nice to come home and have a drink, and I was very moved to read all my emails telling me what a wonderful and important person I am.

I must say that I thoroughly agree. Narcissistic journalist dresses up as John Simpson, gets caught, causes a great deal of aggravation, gets let out and tries to cash in.

And if you really are pressed: The digested read, digestedHer Extraordinary Story by Yvonne Ridley. Enlarge cover.

The week after I meet her, she will be a delegate at the Organisation of the Islamic Conference OIC Council of Foreign Ministers in Uganda; later in the month, she will join Labour peer Lord Ahmed in Sudan, where they hope to negotiate a peace in Darfur; in the autumn, she will join a group of activists who plan to break the blockade of Gaza by sailing into it we meet before Hamas and Israel agree a ceasefire, so it remains to be seen whether this will still happen.

And she still bites the merciful hand several times.

The full story of journalist Yvonne Ridley's day detainment in Afghanistan by the Taliban regime in September Islamabad turned out to be a real nightmare. More filters.

You couldn't get a drink, the food was crap and even the cigarettes were second rate.