Also by George Friedman. The Next Years. America's Secret War. The Future of War. The Intelligence Edge. The Coming War with Japan. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Friedman, George. The next years: a forecast for the 21st century / George Friedman. —. 1st ed. p. cm. I'm jealous of George Friedman's ability to effectively communicate such a complex world in such relatively simple terms. I'd pay far more money than I am now.

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Geopolitical Futures. Keeping the future in focus George Friedman. Founder and Chairman, Geopolitical Futures. 1 / 2. George Friedman,TheNextYears. This somewhat astonishing forecast is by Dr. George Friedman, head of .. (consulted in September ). Dr. George Friedman. Founder and CEO, Stratfor. The Geopolitical Environment of the 21st Century. Note: 1. Below are informal notes taken by.

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George Friedman. The Next Decade: Where We've Been. The Storm Before the Calm: The Absent Superpower: Peter Zeihan. To End a War: Samuel P. Editorial Reviews site. Stratfor , a private intelligence agency whose clients include foreign government agencies and Fortune companies. In The Next Years , Friedman undertakes the impossible or improbable challenge of forecasting world events through the 21st century. Starting with the premises that "conventional political analysis suffers from a profound failure of imagination" and "common sense will be wrong," Friedman maps what he sees as the likeliest developments of the future, some intuitive, some surprising: Friedman is well aware that much of what he predicts will be wrong--unforeseeable events are, of course, unforeseen--but through his interpretation of geopolitics, one gets the sense that Friedman's guess is better than most.

With a unique combination of cold-eyed realism and boldly confident fortune-telling, Friedman Americas Secret War offers a global tour of war and peace in the upcoming century. The author asserts that the United States power is so extraordinarily overwhelming that it will dominate the coming century, brushing aside Islamic terrorist threats now, overcoming a resurgent Russia in the s and 20s and eventually gaining influence over space-based missile systems that Friedman names battle stars.

George Friedman

Friedman is the founder of Stratfor, an independent geopolitical forecasting company, and his authoritative-sounding predictions are based on such factors as natural resources and population cycles. While these concrete measures lend his short-term forecasts credence, the later years of Friedmans year cycle will provoke some serious eyebrow raising.

The armed border clashes between Mexico and the United States in the s seem relatively plausible, but the space war pitting Japan and Turkey against the United States and allies, prognosticated to begin precisely on Thanksgiving Day , reads as fantastic and terrifying science fiction.

Whether all of the visions in Friedmans crystal ball actually materialize, they certainly make for engrossing entertainment. All rights reserved.

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Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. Strap in while Mr Friedman takes you on a terrifying and fantastic journey into the geopolitical landscape of the next one hundred years.

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I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Mr Friedmans style of writing and pace make this a page turner. I can't imagine some of his predictions like war again with Japan however he makes compelling arguments for each scenario.

Two thumbs up. Paperback Verified download.

One of the top interesting books I had read in quite a while, Very engaging and immersive read that keeps you thinking about the content even when you are not reading. The writer uses a very clear language English is a 2nd language for me. Interesting read for sure, obviously a predictive book- much like the weather man, it doesn't have to be right. The author does however touch on how and why the predictions have merit, and they are pretty persuasive.

Of course, take with a grain of salt. Some of the claims are so outlandish and so volatile that any number of dozens of variables could lead to dozens more potential outcomes. Loved every line of it even if in some places the thoughts were somewhat repetitive. The author was very perceptive in describing Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia in terms of their geopolitical desires and tenacity or lack thereof.


I can very well see his projection of technology into the future as well as tech advances due to war and even the affects of such advances on the social fabric of the societies. Western population decline and the changes this will bring to the western world.

I was most amazed with the parallels the author draws between US and a teenage behavior as well as Europe and an elder tired man. That alone brings every move US makes in global politics to light!

George Friedman

It is really Empowering to know that the U. Is still on the rise while behaving just like a indestructible teenager.

Understanding the 50 year American cycles was also so very helpful especially to come to terms that the Presidents cannot single handily change was had been set up on the global stage, so no need to panic every time a President you did not vote for gets elected What a relief! Entertaining, eye-opening, thought-provoking, this book zooms out from our daily political obsessions to take a long very long view of history past, present, and future.

The author, with courage but also the appropriate dose of humility, takes us on a tour of the next several decades which, if he is even close to the mark, will see some startling geopolitical developments. In some ways his methodology - which he discloses fully and clearly - is even more interesting than his results. Well worth a look for anyone interested in international politics and the fate of the world.

Please leave this field empty. Learn how we predict the outcome of changes that can significantly impact global reality. Download Now! Get full access now: Already a member? Log in here. Your look at history--causes, motivations, effects--is so astounding against the mainstream dates, events, and bias. I read as much of your site as I can, but I most of all love the look at history. You are peerless. Their analyses never fail to distill order from the jumble of current events.

No other publication comes close to the caliber of Geopolitical Futures' forecasts. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for your considerable efforts. It's like they have a crystal ball.

I'm jealous of George Friedman's ability to effectively communicate such a complex world in such relatively simple terms. I'd pay far more money than I am now to keep this service. I feel like I'm stealing.The foreign policy of a war on terror was and continues to be disproportional to the threat posed to the United States, and such an imbalance actually creates windows of opportunity for other enemies. Keep up the great work. In the s, the collapse of the Russian government and the fragmentation of mainland China will leave Eurasia in general chaos.

He isn't always dead on, but he is so dead on usually that you just have to factor in his writing. The Turkish sphere of influence will extend into the Arab world , which will have increasingly fragmented by then, and north into Russia and other former Soviet countries. Where We've Been.