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E.W. Kenyon . He was not only made sin and separated from His Father, until His broken heart .. All things are possible to you because you are in the family. Father & His Family book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kenyon covers the reason for creation, man's treason, the domini. The Father and His Family, the Story of Man's Redemption [E. W. Kenyon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is an unveiling of the.

We see Joshua speaking to the Jordan, and that turbulent river responded to the voice of its master and opened a path for triumphant Israel to reach its promised land. We hear the same man speaking to the sun and moon, and they stood still hour after hour while he wrought a victory over his enemies. We see the intrepid Elijah calling fire out of heaven. We see Daniel's three companions thrown into the fiery fur nace and come out without a burn or smell of fire on their garments.

Then we quietly drop down through the ages to the Nazarene and see Him exercising the same authority given to man at the beginning.

Jesus, Having been born free from the taint of Mortality, held the same Authority and Dominion as the first man. We see Jesus exercising this Authority over the Sea of Galilee, over the maimed legs and arms of suffering humanity, over death, and over the fish of the sea, over the trees of the field, and over Satan. Jesus ruled as absolute Master and Monarch of Creation. He was neither Immortal nor Mortal. The word mortal means "death-doomed" or "Satan-ruled. When God created Adam he was a perfect human being; death had no dominion over him.

I suppose that the Physiological Law that man's physical nature renews itself once in seven years was the secret of man's perennial freshness physically. Jesus had the same kind of a physical body. He was not subject to death. Death had no authority over Him until He became our sin-substitute and our sin-nature was laid upon Him; then He became Mortal and subject to Death. Man belongs to God's class. He is an eternal personality. Before he committed sin, he had Domini on over all angels and demons.

No being but God Almighty, Himself, was greater. It might be well for us to notice at this point another remark able feature in God's plan. This Lease of Dominion is called in Daniel and in Mark, "the age of the Gentiles," that is ; the age of the nations, or the age of the Dominion of Man. The word "Gentiles" means the "Human Race," fallen man.

Woe for the earth and for the sea: because the devil is gone down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time. Man's Treason 35 In these Scriptures we see that the demons knew they had a Time-limit. That Time-limit is called the Time of the Gentiles.

This evidently means the Age of Man's original Dominion which was turned over to Satan. We know that Satan is ruling today through fallen man, but, thank God, that Lease is nearly ended and will expire at the Coming of the Lord Jesus.

It happened in this wise, God, instead of creating the whole human race by a single word, created one man and one woman, and said to them, "I permit you to give birth to My children, to Tear, educate, and care for them, teaching them to love Me and respond to My heart yearnings. This gives a responsibility to man that can only be measured by Eternity.

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Man gives birth to eternal personalities, children who will live as long as God lives. Man is then the Custodian of God's joy. What was the nature of man's original transgression? It could not have been a broken law for there had been no law given as we understood the term from its connection with the Law of Moses. Then what kind of a sin was it that could compel the Incarnation and the sufferings of Calvary?

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What was the sin that may be called man's masterstroke of misery? Having found that man was invested with such far-reaching authority, that he had an intellect of such calibre as to be the 36 The Father and His Family companion of Deity, and that he had in his hands the joy or the sorrow of God, we can understand now the nature of the sin he committed.

God had conferred upon him the legal authority to rule the Universe. This Universe-wide Dominion was the most sacred heritage that God could give to Man. Adam turned this Legal Dominion into the hands of God's enemy, the Devil. This sin is unpardonable! High Treason has been so considered in all ages of the Human. Adam's transgression was committed in the white light of absolute knowledge. He was not deceived by the Devil. He understood the steps that led to this awful crime.

He knew God; he knew Satan; he knew the result of the unthinkable crime he committed. Second, it was the separation of God and Man.

Third, it gave Satan universal Dominion over God's creation. Fourth, it incurred a complete bondage of the Human to the Devil. Fifth, it brought a blighting Curse upon the Animal and the Vegetable Kingdom, There had been no death since the face of the earth had been renewed and prepared for man's advent, but now a blighting curse sweeps over God's fair Creation. Man's Treason 37 Every flower and fruit has a curse upon it. Worms, briars and thorns abound.

In Genesis the story is told of the earth's being cursed as a result of man's sin. So bitterly was it cursed that its fruit was unfit to lay upon God's altar as we see in Cain's offering. This hideous, withering curse changed the face of all the earth. Death and blight are now visible everywhere.

The effect on the animal kingdom is more sinking. Creation was planned under the dominion of love; the whole animal creation lived in the atmosphere of love and peace. Fear and hatred were unknown. Suddenly the whole animal creation received a new nature. There was breathed into them as by a breath of wind a spirit of hatred, of cunning, of fear, and revenge.

The lamb and lion had gamboled and played together upon the green; suddenly the lion is changed; he becomes ferocious; his voice that had known no sounds but love was changed until the very woods and plains resounded with his awful war-call, Fear grips the heart of the timid. Man's awful crime is being felt by the whole animal creation.

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The earth is suddenly turned into a great battlefield, and down through the ages the silent woods, streams, and deserts have become a huge cemetery. Fear and death stalk in the shadows of every night. Man becomes death-doomed, Satan's servant. He is born again. He is more than a sinner; he is sin. A new Nature enters into him. A similar nature is breathed into the Animal Kingdom, devilish, cruel, and malignant. Man's spirit undergoes a change; he has become a partaker of the Satanic nature, spiritual death, and he dies spiritually.

He suddenly becomes a hater of God; his whole nature is rebellion toward God. He loses fellowship and legal standing with God. He loses his love and receives hatred and revenge; he loses his faith and receives hesitating, halting, stumbling unbelief. He loses his rest, peace, and joy. He is driven from the garden With no approach to God, Save with bleeding sacrifice Whose hlood drips on the sod. When God created man He gave him the choke of eating the fruit of either the Tree of Life or of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.

One would have united him with God; the otlier, with the Devil. One would have given him Eternal Life and immortality For his body; the otlier, spiritual death and mortality for his body. Adam had the privilege of becoming God's child; he forfeits it and becomes the Devil's. Yes, though we question that he had the moral right.

This answers these age-old questions: Why has God not disposed of the Devil jf He has the power to do it; why has He permitted Satan to rule the earth and cause so much misery, if He is God Almighty. Adam evidently had a legal right to transfer this dominion and authority into the hands of the enemy.

God has been obliged through the long period of human history to recognize Satan's legal standing, and legal right and authority, and on this ground, Man's Treason 39 and this only, can we understand the legal side of the Plan of Redemption.

We have shown how Satan obtained this authority; let us now note some facts in regard to it. The careful student of the Scripture will notice the perfect Justice of God. He is Almighty, but He has never taken advantage of Satan.

Adam had legally transferred to him the Authority with which God had invested him. This Authority was Time-limited. We remember that when Jesus began His ministry, directly after He was baptized He was led away by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the Devil.

The Devil said to Him, "If Thou be the Son of God, command this stone to become bread"; Jesus said unto him, "It is written that man shall not live by bread alone. This he might have done by simply pointing to the Roman Eagle, the badge of Rome's world power.

And the Devil said to Him, "To Thee will I give all this authority, and the glory of them; for it hath been delivered unto me, and to whomsoever I will, I give it. If Thou therefore wilt worship before me, it shall all be Thine. If the Devil lied to Jesus and Jesus knew he lied; then it was not a genuine temptation. We believe that the Bible is true and it was a bona fide temptation.

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If that be true, then Jesus recognized that Satan had authority and dominion over the kingdoms of the human race, authority which he could transfer at will to whomsoever he wished. This is a hideous fact to contemplate: That the human race has been under the Dominion of the Devil, that his Dominion is a legal Dominion, and that God is unable to break it until such time as the Adamic lease, so-called, expires.

Jesus, moreover, not only recognizes Satan's authority at the opening of His ministry but also speaks of him in John as the "prince of this worid," A literal rendering would read like this: "Now is the crisis of this world; now shall the prince of this world be cast out. It does not seem necessary to attempt to defend this point. In 2 Cor.

Jesus plainly declares that men are either worshiping God or the Devil. Paul leads us to understand that the entire world is cither worshiping God through Jesus Christ or worshiping Satan.

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When we realize the extent of Satanic worship in this country, our minds are staggered. It is not in India, Africa, and China alone that Satan is being worshipped, but the unhappy fact is that every land that does not worship God through Jesus Christ is a devotee of the Devil.

In John Jesus brings another phase of this truth before our minds with awful vividness. He is contrasting two fathers: His Father and the Jew's spiritual father. They had lost their temper with Jesus and had said some very unkind things, when Jesus said to them, "Ye are of your father the Devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and standeth not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. Man is spiritually in union with the Devil. He has become a partaker of the Satanic nature, for Paul tells us that "we are by nature children of wrath. That nature was breathed into his spirit by the Devil, and man became a subject of Satan. This is the only satisfactory explanation for the power of the Devil in the world.

Satan is declared to be a murderer and a liar: the two out standing characteristics of the human race are lying and murder. Deny it as much as we will, ignore it if we can, the fact remains that deception and murder are the chief characteristics of the human race, Jesus describes as a murderer a man who hates. Satan is not only the Prince of this world, the God, and spiritual Father, but Paul also tells us in Hebrews that he has the power or authority of death.

An obvious gift and passion emerged for the lost, which would govern his life. His gift as an evangelist began to bear abundant fruit. He also vowed he would become an educator. As he encountered the struggles that often enter the life of a new convert, however, Kenyon did not have the necessary foundation to stand.

He had not been discipled in the basic doctrines of the faith and older ministers had infected him with doubt.

Years later, he lamented the fact that he had not received the Holy Spirit in these early years, either. Kenyon gradually slipped away from the Lord. He walked in darkness and broken fellowship for about two and a half years. In , newly married and living in Boston, he and his bride attended a service at the Clarendon Street Baptist Church, then pastored by the respected Bible teacher A.

At the service, the Spirit came mightily on Kenyon and he forever gave himself back to the Lord. He wanted to follow the pattern he had seen modeled by George Muller in trusting God for everything. Restored to his Lord and to his calling, he immediately began to win souls to Christ. Within a few months he was ordained among the Free Will Baptists and was pastoring one of their churches. He pastored various churches in New England for a few years, and then started an independent work.

He left the denomination so that he could trust the Lord completely for his finances, unhappy with the ways money was raised in the churches. As Kenyon continued to minister, many young people approached him about training. He began to consider beginning a Bible school. He knew from his own bitter experience the necessity of grounding new believers in the faith. He had fallen away because of the lack of such grounding.

Around the turn of the century, he opened the Bethel Bible Institute. Many young people came to learn the Word of God and the life of faith. It was entirely a faith work.Some of the most intelligent men that we have in this country believe that if they can keep the subject of Heaven and Hell and the sufferings of Christ from their minds, or stay away from places where they hear it preached, that they will escape the responsibility of knowledge and that in itself will prove their salvation from Hell.

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Michael and his angels going forth to war with the dragon: Which things we speak, not in words which man's wisdom tcacheth, but which the spirit teacheth combining spiritual things with spiritual words. You may read Shakespeare, and it does not change your nature. God did not intend originally to ever separate man from his body; so Heaven can never be considered man's final Home, Man's final home must be a place where he can dwell in a physical body eternally either in confinement or blissful liberty.

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